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Massachusetts, other Northeastern states show fighting global warming helps the economy

Massachusetts and eight other Northeastern states have boosted the regional economy by $1.3 billion through a regional program that caps global warming pollution from power plants, according to a report released today by the Analysis Group.

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Report: Massachusetts’ efforts point the way towards international global warming agreement

Massachusetts is playing a major role in U.S. progress to address climate change, a new report said today. In the next decade, the state will make reductions in its global warming pollution equivalent to the annual emissions from 4 million passenger vehicles.

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Watershed advocates join federal officials to celebrate major victory for clean water

Clean water advocates gathered today to thank the Obama administration for closing loopholes in the Clean Water Act that previously left more than half of Massachusetts’ streams at risk of pollution.

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As net metering debate continues, report shows benefits of solar energy far outweigh costs

Solar panels deliver benefits to the electric grid and to society at large that are greater than the compensation their owners receive through net metering, according to a report released today by the Environment Massachusetts Research and Policy Center.

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As solar impasse continues, Legislature considers options

Boston – As the impasse over the state’s solar net metering program enters its third month, the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy held a hearing today to consider solar energy legislation.