News Release | Environment Massachusetts

As Congress threatens to slash conservation funding, Bay Staters stand up for their parks and beaches

Today, Environment Massachusetts presented a petition signed by 20,800 Bay Staters, calling for full and permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), the country’s most successful parks and open space program that helps protect beaches, forests, and local parks and playgrounds in Massachusetts and across the nation.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

New Report Ranks Massachusetts 8th in the Nation for Solar


Solar energy is accelerating across the country with Massachusetts and other states leading the way in transforming our power system with this pollution-free solar energy source.  As federal and state officials look for options to meet our energy needs with less pollution, solar is poised to play a major role.   

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

America’s First Offshore Wind Farm Wins Department of Energy Backing

Wind energy has the potential to take off as the Department of Energy announces a huge initiative to harness wind power.