Group points blame at mercury

Environment Massachusetts seeks federal emission rules aimed at coal-fired power plants and mercury is pointing to the toxin's spoiling of fish in state waters, including local ponds and lakes and the Charles and Sudbury rivers.


Treasured Pond Contaminated With Toxic Pollution

One of Massachusetts most treasured waterways is contaminated with mercury, according to a new report from Environment Massachusetts.  The report found 124 waterways in the state that have advisories for mercury. The advisories instruct citizens to limit their consumption of certain fish in Massachusetts' waterways due to mercury contamination.


Springfield smoggiest Mass. city in 2010

The nonprofit Environment Massachusetts has released a new report showing that Springfield residents were exposed to air pollution that exceeded federal safety standards on a total of five days last year.  


Report finds 15 percent drop in beach closings in Massachusetts

A new report by the National Resources Defense Council gives reason for optimism about the quality of beaches in Massachuetts.

 “Testing The Waters: A Guide to Water Quality at Vacation Beaches,” found a 15 percent drop in beach closings fin 2010 and that projects such as the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority’s opening of a recent storage tunnel  in South Boston are contributing to the improvement.